Monday, September 17, 2012

Wanna Be This Guy? 

All it takes is a few lessons from the Pro's at Maui Kiteboarding Lessons
 (plus talent and a few years of training, :)   
Watch the video to see our own , Patri McLaughlin , one the the best kiteboarders in the world rip huge waves at Jaws and preform amazing tricks at Waiehu. 

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Our Expert  Kiteboarding Instructors are dedicated to making your kiteboarding experience, safe, easy and fun!

Why should you choose  Maui Kiteboarding Lessons?
  • A school is only as good as it's instructors and we have the best! Our kiteboarding instructors are motivated, seasoned watermen and women with many years of teaching  experience dedicated to giving you the best lesson you can get. 
  • You will receive clear and easy to understand instruction from a patient and knowledgeable instructor . Our kiteboarding instructors are not only HKN and IKO certified, First Aid and CPR trained, but also run thru Maui Kiteboarding Lesson's extensive training course
  • Our School is Fully Liscenced and Accredited with the Highest Safety Rating
  • We love what we do and love turning new people on the the sport of kiteboarding!
  • Our goal is to give you the best kiteboarding lesson on Maui,  turn you on to this amazing sport and share a unique Maui experience.
  • Some kiteboarding companies have helmet radios, some follow you on surfboards, we do it all  and can tailor your lesson any way you like...  just let us know your preferences!
  • Flexible hours and start times, another thing that set us apart from the competition is our flexilbe start times. You are not limited to starting at only 11 or 2. We can accommodate your schedule or start at the best time for good wind. Also , you can go for as little as 1 hour up to 6 hours per day, as you like!
How this benefits you:
  • Using the latest techniques , equipment and our professional instructors, you will learn learn to kitesurf quickly and eficiently - you will be amazed at your rate of progress! We blow doors off the competition for rate of progress, safety and rate of students that actually become kiteboarders.
  • Your instructor is dedicated to not just teaching you to kitesurf, but to be your ongoing mentor and friend on Maui.

Matius Thebault Day 3

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 You will from go from your first beginning kiteboarding lesson through a complete and thorough course designed to get you riding your kiteboard in safely and style.

We are absolute fanatics about  kiteboarding and are stoked to teach you. 

Many of our students return year after year and have become some of our best friends. Some  have moved to to Maui to "Live the Dream".

Kiteboarding, also known as kitesurfing, is the fastest growing water sport in the world, and for good reason.

There is nothing like the feeling of gliding over the water on a kiteboard, boosting big air and popping endless tricks. Kiteboarding is a sport which combines the best of several sports: paragliding, windsurfing, surfing, and wakeboarding, and is more fun than all of them combined! It won't take you long to get hooked on this sport!

Kiteboarding is also relatively easy to learn with most people being able to ride short distances after 2-3 lessons. Within a few months you could be jumping and working on spins and boosting!

Karen Lang, Maui Kiteboarding Lessons Instuctor,  Front Roll over Kohakaloa

Sam Utley Strapless Kiteboarding, Kite Beach, Maui

We offer kiteboarding instruction at all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced. 

Whether you want to pick up the fundamentals of kiteboarding, refine your kiteboarding performance, or learn to kitesurf big waves, Maui Kiteboarding Lessons has the kiteboarding lesson tailored specifically for you!
Take a few minutes to check out the Pro Kiteboarders just north of our teaching location, it is not uncommon to see some of the best kiteboarders in the world practicing their tricks and super boosted big air jumps here.  

Toast aka Ryan Toaspern, Boosting at Kite Beach, Maui.  Always good to watch.

Kiteboarding lessons are fun on Maui!

If water fun is what you’re after, it doesn’t get better than kiteboarding, and here on Maui, the world’s best kiteboarding destination, you can learn from the sport’s finest and most experienced instructors
Kitesurfing can be easy to learn, with the proper instruction and support. At Maui Kiteboarding Lessons, we make the learning process easy!

Maui, with its warm water and consistent trade winds is the perfect place to learn kiteboarding.

You will learn at world famous Kite Beach , Maui a long stretch of sandy beach on Maui’s North Shore, perfect for all kiteboarders, from beginners to expert! 

Take advantage of the 3 best things that Maui has to offer to a kiteboarder, its warm water, great wind and expert instructors! These line up together more often on Maui than anywhere else on Earth.

Now is the time to learn kiteboarding  
With the new advances in kite design in the last few years kiteboarding has become much safer and a lot easier to learn than in the past. The invention of the bow kite has revolutionized the sport by creating a means to completely depower the kite in case of trouble. We will also teach you how to “self rescue” where you will learn how to use your kite as a boat to tow yourself in.
HKA and IKO certified Kiteboarding Instructors
Our kiteboarding instructors are seasoned, well trained  HKA and IKO certified kiteboarding instructors with many years of kiteboard teaching experience. Most of us hold Level 2  instructor status. No newbie instructors here.(Yeah, were are pretty proud of our staff)

Custom tailored kiteboarding lessons
Our lessons are custom tailored to give you the best experience possible and to set you on your way to becoming an independent kiteboarder with the skills and knowledge to keep you safe and confident on the water.

Our instructors are skilled professionals, dedicated to making it as easy for you to master this exciting new sport. 

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aqua Sports Staff... You ROCK

Thank you all for the great coordination and spirit today, you guys are the best!!! 12 lessons all with fantastic ratings  and comments, all returning for more lessons!!!! Thank you , Mike, Raquel, Todd, Mati, Natasha , Liam and Dennis!!!